Sightseeing in Russia. TOP 10 to see and do

Posted by Gabriele Gudaityte  |  July 19, 2016

It is time for thrilling discoveries! Are you ready to visit Russia? Prepared for it’s magic atmosphere? Well you definitely should be. For some, Russia is about to create nostalgic mood, for others – Russia will be quite unexpected, sometimes strange or even disappointing. For another part of travellers – absolutely exotic! Have you got any idea what kind of impression Russia has prepared for you? Let’s find out! Dynamic scenarios and eclectic lifestyle is about to blow your mind away…

10. The legendary Trans-Siberian Railway

Why the legendary? This question shouldn’t have come to the daylight! Trans Siberian – a huge network of railways, which are connecting grand Moscow with the Far East of Russia and the Sea of Japan. It’s amazing, isn’t it? The whole length is more than 9 km and it is also officially the longest railway line in the whole planet. If you are brave enough, and you consider yourself as a patient traveler – Trans Siberian railway is a perfect choice! Tour around Eurasia, spend weeks on one train – get inspired by Ural Mountains, meet more than 80 cities, Volga River. Baraba Steppe, Yenisei River, lake Baikal and many more! This trip is about to be completely astounding, so prepare for incredible memories. Hit the road with Trans Siberian railway and you will see – it is once in a lifetime experience.

9. The summer capital – Sochi

For your interest, locals often call Sochi a summer capital of Russia, or the pearl of the Black Sea. Why is it so? Because it is no doubt the biggest sea resort in the whole Russia. Millions of travelers and tourists visit this astounding mountainous coastline, expecting hot sunny days, silky sand beaches and craaaaaazy nightlife. Interested? Don’t be wasting your time and start your tour!


8. Yekaterinburg – get ready for soviet avant-garde

It is a great combination of traditional Orthodox churches and modern architecture. So if you are a fan of eclectic sightseeing – it is a very great destination for you. For your interest, Yekaterinburg is like a biggest Soviet constructivism museum in an open air. It has a huge collection of monuments, so get ready to be surprised! And post scriptum, there is also a Keyboard Museum located in Yekaterinburg. It’s interesting, right?

7. Siberian treasure – lake Baikal

There is no doubt you’ve heard about this one! Baikal curves for almost 650 km through south-eastern Siberia and north border of Mongolia. Baikal is the deepest and the oldest freshwater lake on our whole planet! It is compelling with unique and unaffected flora & fauna, absolutely delicious fish called Omul (really similar to salmon!) which are often caught by locals. Mmmmm… you should try it!


6. Must do – Volga cruise

Been there, done that! If you are a music lover, you will love the cruise so badly and madly! Events and fun discos are held here, on the top decks! This Volga cruise is just a perfect opportunity for those who want to experience Russia in a different way. It is about to be fantastic, just book one of the tours and feel the excitement on board!

5. Get acquainted with Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod (mostly called Novgorod) is proud to be an astounding place! Locals usually say, that the city is a motherland of the whole Russia. Got your attention? Well played! The ancient settlement was a centre for trading, literacy, democracy (well, that’s unexpected) and the city also was spreading the Orthodoxy. Now Novgorod is a city with extremely rich and intriguing history. You should know, that Novgorod was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992. During the 14th century, Novgorod was one of the Europe’s largest cities. Can you believe it? That is quite a story!

4. The famous Golden Ring

The Golden Ring is more than romantic. These fabulous onion-shaped domes, kremlins and gingerbread chalets… seems unreal. Largely unaffected by Soviet industrialisation, Golden Ring now attracts loads of tourists from around the world in search of the lost idyllic atmosphere. And of course, these no doubly picturesque country roads are inviting for a adventurous biking trip, while popular steam baths will be clearing your sins after tempting sessions of mead-drinking. Are you ready? This journey is about to be incredible!


3. Oldest of the capitals – Kazan!

Kazan. What a strange name, right? For you interest, it means “a cooking pot” in Tatar language. This city called Kazan is sometimes even compared to Istanbul. For Russians it is quite a big deal. They say it is a place where Asia meets Europe, churches meets minarets. What is more, Kazan is actually around 150 years older than Moscow, so the city is considered to be one of the most historic ones. Don’t skip an opportunity and visit Russia, get acquainted with Kazan.


2. Majestic Moscow

This place is about to inspire you from a to z! From the Kremlin to Gorky Park, from the Bolshoi Theatre to Red Square. Hit the road and spend majestic day in grand Moscow, while walking through compelling history, discovering the city’s medieval foundations and modern flare and even more than you can imagine. The Russian capital’s funding site – the sparkling Kremlin and the ritualistic Red Square – is still the geographic and holy heart of the Moscow, making it the ideal place to start your day. Shall we?


1. Falling in love with St. Petersburg

This is a place where you will understand a meaning of “hospitable Russians”. St. Petersburg will get under your skin and will stay there for life! Majestic place, that won’t let you go, will force you to stay together at least with your minds. Millions of tourist from all around the world are coming to visit this fabulous city. Get ready to experience the white nights during the summer months… See the Rembrandts housed in the Hermitage, or climb up St Isaac’s for a panoramic view. Are you ready? You absolutely should be!