Reasons why you should visit Lviv

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 11, 2016

Lviv is a real Ukrainian diva – it‘s a history rich, culture filled, beautiful city, that seduces you with its unique setting, beautiful architecture, urban life and friendly locals. The city is just filled with cosy and unique restaurants, pleasant coffee houses and more breathtaking churches than you could count. People are finally discovering this incredible city and it‘s not a surprise! But if you still need convincing on where to spend your holidays, here are some reasons why you should visit Lviv.

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Lviv is the king of festivals

No matter when you travel to Lviv, there surely will be some festival for you to participate in. Food is one of the favourite topics to be celebrated in Lviv – there are festivals dedicated to bread, chocolate, coffee, cheese, wine and beer. TThese festivals trash the myth that Ukraine is a culinary wasteland. Of course, there are many music festivals for people to visit. Lviv hosts classical music, jazz music, folk music and pop music festivals every year! Also, no one celebrates the Ukrainian Independence day as the Lvivlians to – those people do cherish their freedom and know how to show it!

Architecture Wonders

The best European architects worked for centuries to create Lviv as we see it today. It is incredible to think, that even after two World Wars and the Soviet plans to destroy the city, Lviv still looks this astonishing. The city is a combination of both Eastern and Western cultures. Samples of Jewish, German, Polish, Ukranian, Austrian and other cultures can be seen just by taking a short walk in the city. Lviv also homes so many churches and cathedrals; you won‘t be able to count them! From Gothic to Rococo styles, from the Latin to Armenian Cathedrals – the vast range of different historical styles are all hidden in this city!

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Coffee, Coffee and more Coffee

Not like the other European cities, Lviv has a unique set of traditions when it comes to coffee. Lvivians take pride in the Viennese caffeine traditions and the best coffee houses in all of Eastern Europe. Authentic Turkish coffee is also very popular in Lviv. The coffee houses in Lviv roasts and grinds their blends. If your tour of Lviv takes place in September, make sure to take part in the autumn coffee festival and taste the incredible Viennese roasts. But if you visit Lviv at any other time of the year, don‘t sweat it – there are plenty of authentic coffee places for you to visit!

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Dining like you‘ve never done it before

Lviv is a place where you always dine with style. Taking inspiration from the rich history of Ukraine, restaurants provide way more than just stomach filling meals. Your first stop should be the Masonic Restaurant. Finding the door is nearly impossible without some help from an insider, but once you visit this gem – no restaurant in the world will ever compare! The place is filled with Masonic symbolism and doesn‘t just feed you stomach – it educates its customers, filling their heads with knowledge. Or you could go to the Dim Legend – a restaurant that celebrates all things Ukraine and Lviv. Just walk around the city and you‘ll find so many quirky restaurants it will make your head spin! Lvivians do appreciate a show with their meal.