Reasons to visit fascinating country Belarus

Posted by Gabriele  |  July 20, 2016

I bet most of you think that the atmosphere in Belarus feels like soviet. Still can’t really get it, is it good, or bad? Personally speaking, for me – it’s exotic! Architecture, people, cuisine and all the details – inspiring, letting to comprehend that different parts of the whole globe are soooo unique! This is what I like the most about this country, it just makes you understand the difference, to find exclusiveness. Well, it is not the only reason to visit Belarus. There are loads of them… Shall we start?


1. So cheap!

Well, it is not a secret, that Belarus is a very cheap country to travel. Despite of a fact, that you will probably need visa and flight tickets. From accomodation, to transportation, from food to attractions – very cheap. You can easily survive with 8-10 euros per day. Basic lunchtime menu including drink costs ~3-4 EUR. Dinner in fast food restaurant ~ 2-3 EUR. 1 liter of milk – 0,5 EUR. Monthly public transport ticket costs 10 EUR. It is very cheap, who does not want to agree?

2. Hospitable people

Wait till you stop and ask someone for directions – you will find out about the hospitality by yourself. Belarusians are so helpful and carying, you have no idea. If you ever try Airbnb – prepare for food attack. They just make you feel like home and that is one of the best and exciting things in Belarus. You can make friends like in 5 minutes, because they are so easy going and interesting to chat with.

Belarus Straw Doll

3. Alluring nature

Consider yourself as a passionate nature lover? That is just great, because nature in Belarus – eye-popping! It is about to impress you, inspire your soul and encourage to hit the road for adventures! The country of Belarus is also quite well know for absolutely amazing national parks and for Europe’s biggest mammal called the zoobr (European bison). Interested? You should be, because it is quite unexpected!


4. Thrilling local cuisine

Have you ever tried Vereshchaka or had Zrazy and Draniki? Yeah, that’s what I was talking about! These are one of the most popular dishes in Belarus that will blow your mind away! For your interest, long time ago every social class in Belarus had their own gastronomic traditions. That is quite interesting, right? Later the Belarusian cuisine was divided into peasants and bourgeois, shlyakhta and high nobility cuisines. These names sound a lot like intriguing!

Belarus Draniki Potato Pancakes

5. For architecture lovers…

Influenced by eastern and western cultures, Belarus stands like a reflection and diversity of unique architectural styles. Fantastic churches, thrilling castles, astounding palaces and outstanding fortresses – something you need to see. Architectural treasure trove and all the attractions of Belarus – survived and are here to tell you the history of this fascinating country.