Norwegian Fjords. Have you met them?

Posted by Gabriele Gudaityte  |  January 15, 2016

Norwegian Fjords’ landscape is more than spectacular. We can clearly see you all nodding. If you are about to explore Norway, dreaming about those glaciers and peaceful waters from an idyllic picture in a postcard, well… you are doing a right thing! You won’t be disappointed – it’s surprisingly real!

The whole country is characterized by rugged coasts, a diversity of rocky islands and more than thousand fjords. Just take a look at a satellite and it becomes clear why Norway is called “Land of Fjords”.

Most iconic fjords would be Sognefjord, Lysefjord, Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord. These are the ones you have probably seen in the postcards. Spectacular, calming and relaxing still blue lakes, eye-popping waterfalls and mind-blowing cliffs… It is full of contrasts, beauty, challenging and adventurous activities that you are about to experience.


Get on a boat and find out how fun the fishing is! Just pick the right way to do it. Is it going to be fjord and sea fishing or freshwater salmon fishing? Well, it is a tough decision to make… Mostly it depends on what are you up to catch: salmon, pike, perch, trout, redfish, flounder or maybe herring? While you are making your “life-changing” choice, we are enjoying a photo gallery!

Norwegian Fjords fishing | Baltic Tours


What about a moment of lazy sightseeing? It is a perfect way to relax and think about all of this majestic nature. Listen to this silence, stare at the spectacular wilderness. We are hoping you have your notebook with you, it’s about to be an inspiring cruise!

Norwegian Fjords cruise | Baltic Tours

Biking & hiking

Don’t skip an opportunity to check your hiking and biking skills! Enjoy a professionally guided tours and a day filled with completely awesome challenges. The tour could be combined with mountain biking and hiking, it’s all up to you! You will have your own time to take a deeper look into a nature’s own work of art!

Norwegian Fjords hiking | Baltic Tours

Dog sledding

Get ready! Even if you are not a dog person, this sledding trip will be something unbelievably intriguing and compelling! You are about to enjoy the dog sledding journey into the bright landscapes, through fascinating wilderness. The whole area where you lead the sled is absolutely uninhabited, with mountains and forest landscape. Relax and try to comprehend all the beauty that surrounds you…

Norwegian Fjords dog sledding | Baltic Tours


Find a minute for yourself. Close your eyes and breathe deep and freely. Fjords are spreading some magical vibrations, so try to absorb as much as you can. The feeling is just captivating!

Norwegian Fjords meditation | Baltic Tours