Looks like Fagerness is a Norwegian escapade

Posted by Gabrielė Gudaitytė  |  August 19, 2016

An awe-inspiring region of Valdres reminds me of films where Alaskan Malamutes or Huskies are trying to survive freezing winter and rescue their best friends – people. Well, the parallel is not really surprising – take a look at these fantastic peaks, decorated with snow. Surreal landscapes of the Norwegian valley – something truly unique. There is no way you can skip this town during your amazing journey. If you decided to visit Norway – Fagerness is already on your must-see list! Willing to hear more of this incredibly rugged wilderness? Let me tell you a secret, if you are lucky – you might spot some truly wild animals! Experience Fagerness like no other, join Scandinavian tour now and prepare for your travel to Valdres, because there is no doubt Fagerness looks like a Norwegian escapade.

Spectacular Jotunheimen’s mountain range

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If you think it is photoshopped, thing again. It is an eye-popping mountain and glacier area just near Fagerness. This is the reason to call the town a real escapade! Jotunheimen has been more than a paradise for all hiking enthusiasts. You can spend time hiking here from hours to weeks. This is the place where you can easily find these two highest peaks in the whole Northern Europe: the first one is called Galdhøpiggen  (2469 m above sea level) and the 2nd – Glitter­tinden, with its ice cap (2464 m above sea level). The National Park is proud of it’s magnificent lakes. Gjende is the largest one and Bessvatnet is deep and blue. Are you excited to visit Norway and Fagerness? It is incredible here!

Family activities

Whether you are looking for an active or relaxing vacation, there are a loads of dynamic activities to choose from. For instance – rock climbing! It can be more adventurous than you can imagine. Fishing – another great thing to do, really venturesome! Don’t be waiting any longer – grab Fragerness tour and enjoy Norway with Baltic Tours!