Let us introduce you Denmark

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 26, 2016

Denmark is known as the home of the happiest nation in the world, Denmark invites for you a visit so you can get caught into the best way of life –a happy one. But actually, a trip to Denmark will inevitably force you to smile uncontrollably as you tour around the country and develop a new, cheerful outlook on life. So let us introduce you Denmark!

What makes Denmark so compelling

The Danish people adapted to a more simple perspective of life which surprisingly even took over fashion, architecture and other forms of art too. But simple doesn‘t mean boring! The Danish aesthetic brings minimalistic and clean shapes together with modern charm and urban style. Wherever you look, no matter what part of Denmark you are at, everything around you looks clean, beautiful and inspiring. It‘s a guarantee that during your Denmark tour, it will be hard to put your camera down – everything looks picture perfect and needs to be shot!

Tours of Denmark

The best thing about Denmark – Danes

When you visit Denmark, you will find out that the Danes are helpful, trustworthy, polite and honest. During your visit you will quickly notice that people are smiling all day every day since everyone in Denmark enjoys the simple things in life and always find a reason to be cheerful. „Hygge” will soon become a word you use all the time when you travel to Denmark. The word doesn‘t actually translate but means something warm and cosy, or someone who has a good vibe when talking about a person. And it is honestly a great word to describe Denmark and its locals – everyone is so „hygge” you‘ll never want to leave!

Let‘s talk about Vikings

Surely everyone knows that Scandinavia is the homeland of Vikings. So when on your Denmark tour, make sure to visit Ladbyskibet – the only Viking ship grave in Denmark. The ship‘s wood it long decayed, but it left behind what is a perfect imprint of the Vikings‘ ship. One of the most incredible things that are still visible is the ship‘s prow shaped like a dragon’s head. The whole area is surrounded by skulls of sacrificed animals such as dogs and horses. The sight is truly magnificent and will surely send chills down your spine.

Copenhagen – a Danish wonderland

After you decide to travel to Denmark, prepare yourself to visit the cool kid of Europe – Copenhagen. It‘s more than easy to fall head-over-heals in love with the capital city of Denmark, and it‘s laid – back atmosphere, lingering between modernised historic city streets. There are a lot of things to do in Copenhagen, like exploring Nyhavn and taking in its vibrant streets or marvelling at Christiansborg Palace which is the home to the Danish Parlament. You can view a mesmerising picture – perfect panorama from Christiansborg Tårnet that oversees all of the beautiful Copenhagen.
If your Denmark tour takes place in early July, make sure to take part in one of the most Copenhagen things to do – a Jazz festival, which one is the biggest music festivals in Northen Europe. Of course, if you visit Denmark at any other time of the year, you can enjoy a lot of modern museums in Copenhagen or wander around its nature filled green spaces in the King‘s Garden. Don‘t hesitate and be sure to take part in one of the many fantastic Copenhagen tours and let yourself get lost in the magic wonderland of Denmark‘s heart.

I think that taking part in a Denmark tour is an absolute „no – brainer”. So don‘t waste your time, grab a friend or a lover, and travel to Denmark – the heart of Scandinavia! There are so many things to see and do, that one visit to Denmark won‘t even cover everything your traveller heart’s desires to see and trust me – you WILL want to come back!