Kharkhorin – the capital from the past

Posted by Agnė Januškevičiūtė  |  August 10, 2016

Established by Chinggis Khan the city named Karakorum appeared in the middle of 13th century. The capital of Great Mongolia Empire was an attraction for traders, dignitaries and skilled workers from all Asia and even Europe. Later on, the city was abounded and destroyed then after couple centuries built again – since then Kharkhorin is one of the most important cities in Mongolia history. Today, a town named Kharkhorin is almost in the same place as the old capital. It is modern, agricultural town and very popular attraction for tourists and locals who are traveling in Mongolia. It is easy to reach from nowadays capital Ulaanbaatar and it is only less than 400 kilometers away.

National park

Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park takes about 73,000ha. Here you can find not only many species of birds and animals but also the extinct volcano Khorgo and Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur. The volcano is more than 2km high and you can reach the top of it after only 16km hike. Its crater has almost 200 meters diameter and is surrounded by small trees. Sounds dangerous? The volcano was active 8000 years ago, so the only thing to worry about is how not to get tired. Surrounded with extricated volcanoes in 2060 meters high there is Lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur – or the Great White Lake – is a great place for walking, camping and fishing. More than 16 kilometers long, almost 10 kilometers wide and with average depth 20 meters lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in all Asia!Travel Mongolia. Visit Kharkhorin. Baltic Tours.

Travel Mongolia. Visit Kharkhorin. Baltic Tours.

Sand dunes

You can’t say you have been in Mongolia if you haven’t been in a desert! Mongol Els Dunes are expended more than 330 kilometers, can you imagine this amazing view? Wandering in a desert on a camel can be great experience which can‘t be found easily. It is a must to do while you visit Mongolia!

Erdene Zuu monastery

Erdene Zuu Monastery can be called as one of the oldest Buddhist monastery in Mongolia. Started to build in the 16th century, damaged and rebuilt the monastery is still a place of worship. A number of statues, paintings, tsam masks and thangkas were saved and is still in wonderful condition. Today it is not only a house for more than 1000 monks but also a museum and great attraction for those who travel in Mongolia.Travel Mongolia. Visit Kharkhorin. Baltic Tours.

Travel Mongolia. Visit Kharkhorin. Baltic Tours.

Tovkhon monastery

Deep in a pine forest of the Khangai mountains you can find hidden Tovkhon monastery. Established in the middle of 16th century by 14 years old spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism monastery looks really impressive. Green roofs and brown walls, elegant details… Looks like there is no better place for this monastery in all Asia. The best way to reach this monastery is a jeep, which gives you a chance to enjoy the views and have fun on the way to the hill. Nowadays less than 10 monks live here. All the visitors, pilgrims or just tourists who want to explore Mongolia are always welcome here!Travel Mongolia. Visit Kharkhorin. Baltic Tours.

Even the golden times of Kharkhorin are in the past, it is still a great place to visit. Monasteries, sand dunes, mountains and lakes – all Mongolia in one place!

Travel Mongolia. Visit Kharkhorin. Baltic Tours.