Intriguing Chernobyl Museum in Kiev

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 08, 2016

Even after being beaten down so many times, Kiev stands proud and strong in the heart of Ukraine. I‘ve been wanting to travel to Kiev for a while now and personally was ecstatic when I saw that the Baltic Tours now offers a tour to Ukraine that includes a Kiev tour! Famous for its religious monuments and beautiful architecture, this city is pulsating with past experiences, and when you take a step anywhere in the city, you can be sure – history has been made there. There are a lot of places to visit and see on a Kiev tour, but there is one special place that has been on my „To visit“ list for forever – The Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum. Explore the Chernobyl Museum in Kiev – it attempts to portray the significance of the terrible disaster and offers you a deeply moving yet educational experience and is an absolute must-visit spot on a Kiev tour.

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The accident

In 1986, on April 26th, the world got a glimpse of what a nuclear apocalypse could look like. An explosion occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in the city of Pripyat then located in the USSR, releasing a lot of radioactive particles into the atmosphere. The Soviets tried to hide the catastrophe from the world until radiation was detected in Sweden. The radioactive particles released after the explosion spread pretty much all over the western USSR and Europe. This nuclear tragedy is the biggest and worst in the world, still, affects people – the ones that were involved in the accident and the ones who were hundreds of miles away.

The exhibition

The Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum is a must-visit place during your tour of Kiev. The museum allows its visitors to experience what it was like to be inside the power plant when the explosion occurred. The disastrous errors that caused the accident are laid out for visitors to see. The museum also shows things from the power station, like technical equipment, safety gear like goggles and the rescue vehicles that were sent to Chernobyl to help the victims. When you visit the Museum in Kiev, you also have a chance to see a vast number of personal items taken away from people who fled the disaster. There are images in the Museum, showing the effects caused by the accident. Probably the most moving part of the exhibition is the symbolic memorial for the children affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The melancholic memorial includes a tree growing from a baby‘s crib, drenched in a chilling purple light. The Museum also honours the workers who selflessly risked their lives to contain the disaster.

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Places to see in Kiev

Kiev is such a beautiful city, and it homes plenty of historical and cultural spots for travel enthusiasts to see. For the history lover‘s here is the National History Museum and the The Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum; for people interested in religion and religious architecture, Kiev tour offers to visit the beautiful St. Sophia’s Cathedral and the Cave Monastery. The city is full of places to visit, and there are so many things to do in Kiev, that you won‘t have a chance to stop and catch your breath! Despite everything the city has gone through, Ukraine invites you to travel in the country, visit Kiev and see everything this beautiful city has to offer.

Visit Kiev. Tours in Kiev. Baltic Tours.