How much a trip to Denmark cost

Posted by Kornelija Kadyte  |  April 24, 2019

Denmark is one of the most expensive countries to visit in Europe. To get the idea: the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen is the 9th most expensive city in Europe and Aarhus (second biggest city) is 13th. The accommodation, entertainment and food prices will be higher than usual in Europe, but Denmark is the country which can offer a lot of free activities as well. If the cost of the trip is too high, you can always cook more at home, stay at simpler apartments or choose bikes over cars or public transportation, which will also give you the more authentic experience of the trip to Denmark!

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The average cost of a trip to Denmark

All the expenses are quite similar in most of the cities in Denmark, so to make it convenient, let’s take an example of prices in Copenhagen. Although, keep in mind that even if the prices and cost of living are almost the same in the capital of the country it is comparably the highest. You can expect slightly lower prices in smaller cities in Denmark.

And now, let`s answer to one of the most important questions when going on a vacation: “how much will I spend?”
Averagely, the trip to Denmark cost 161€ or 182$ a day.

Here is a more detailed list of common expenses:

  • Price of breakfast: ~ 10€/11$
  • Price of lunch: ~15€/17$
  • Price of dinner: ~33€/37$
  • Price of city tour: usually from 35€/40$ for classic 3 hours tour in the city center to 175€/200$ for a longer day tour in the whole area
  • Price of daily transportation card in Copenhagen: 11€/12.5$
  • Price of the entrance to TOP 10 most visited sites in Copenhagen: 155€/175$
  • Price of accommodation: hostels ~ 25€/30$ a night, mid-range hotels ~ 130€/150$ a night, top-end hotels from ~ 200€/230$ a night

Cost of traveling around Denmark

If you are not planning to stay in one place and travel all around the country instead (which is a very good idea by the way), you are probably going to be interested in the prices of car rental, gas, and trains.

For a rented car expect to pay around 115€/130$ a day.
Fuel price is 1.51€/1.7$ for 1 liter (2019 January information)

Price of some popular routes with train:

  • Copenhagen – Aarhus from ~ 52€/59$
  • Copenhagen – Odense from ~ 14€/16$
  • Aarhus – Aalborg from ~ 27€/30$

Copenhagen together with Arhus are the most expensive areas in the country. West of the Zealand island and North of Jutland peninsula are the cheapest parts in Denmark.


How much would a budget trip to Denmark cost?

If you are looking for a cheap vacation, Denmark is not the best country in Europe for that. Although, the budget traveler can ride out in this country as well!

The cheapest hostel in Copenhagen would cost around 13€/15$ for a night. This price is for one bed in a shared bedroom with shared bathrooms. The cheapest options for a private room with private bathroom would cost around 50€/56.5$ for one night.
The good news is that we are living in a very hospitable time! There are several pages that would help budget travelers a lot:

  • – signing up here is free and it allows you to stay everywhere in the world for 133€/$150 a year or 13€/$15 a night. With home exchange, you will have the chance to share a more authentic experience while discovering the culture of your hosts.
  • – there are 217 very active users that are accepting guest in Copenhagen all the time and over 4000 hosts in this city in total. This means 4000 possibilities to meet a real local and of course, stay for free.

You can save some money on transportation as well. Instead of driving a car or using public transportation, try city bikes, which cost 2€ for half an hour! Bikes are extremely popular in Denmark, so that will give you the feeling that you are one of the locals!


The budget for food is one of the most personal factors – it really depends on what you like. Although, if we are talking how much does a trip to Denmark cost, few things are really worth mentioning:
shop at local markets and throw a picnic – Denmark has a lot of green areas for that. Not only it will help you to save on your food budget, but also it is an ECO-friendly choice!
if you want to save some money, but still explore Denmark’s` fine dining scene, you should try one of the Bib Gourmand restaurants in growing Denmark`s list. The Bib Gourmand is an international award given each year to exceptional restaurants with reasonable prices.

As mentioned in the very beginning, Denmark is full of free activities! You can visit Denmark`s best free attractions and sights, like the Little Mermaid, Nyhavn harbor, climb to the top of Christiansborg Palace and visit Trelleborg – museum of the Viking Age. You can also escape to the breathtaking nature of Denmark without emptying your budget and admire dramatic white cliffs at Møn, climb an enormous migrating dune –
Råbjerg Mile or climb the sand dunes at Rubjerg Knude to see Denmark`s famous buried lighthouse before it disappears completely!


Denmark is a very modern and diverse country, which offers so much from top-class gastronomic restaurants to calm villages and scenic beaches. Denmark will most definitely surprise travelers on any budget – the memorable time is guaranteed, no matter what the cost of a trip to Denmark will be.

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