How is Minsk connected to JFK?

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 08, 2016

There are a lot of myths and negativity surrounding the idea of travelling in Minsk. But the truth is, Minsk is a trendy and modern city – it‘s growing and ever changing! Next to historical Soviet monuments, you can find modern art galleries, sushi restaurants, never ending parties and crowded nightclubs. The thing is, Minsk is has a lot more to offer than what catches the eye! And this biggest city in Belarus has a few secrets and surprises hidden up its sleeve. You might think, how is Minsk connected to JFK? So let‘s uncover this secret and talk about some reasons to visit Minsk!

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The connection between JFK and Minsk

Everyone is well familiar with the tragic death of JFK. Well, you might not know this, but the assassin – Lee Harvey Oswald – lived in Minsk for quite a while! After declaring that he was renouncing his American citizenship, the assassin created a new life in the capital of Belarus. Oswald lived in Minsk for four years before he begged for his US passport and returned to America, where on a tragic day in 1963 he completely changed the American history. One of the most popular Minsk sights is the former apartment of Oswald – visitors can see where this historical figure lived.

Wander the open spaces of Minsk

The majority of capital cities are known for a high lever of noise and activity wherever you go. But Minsk is different – the city homes over two million people yet manages to have calm and relaxing places for you to visit. The sky above Minsk seems bigger, and the spotless streets seem wider than anywhere else in Belarus. There is just a sense of open space in the city! Wherever you go, people around you seem relaxed and happy, even in the dark depths of winter, the streets are full of smiling people. It doesn’t matter when your Minsk tour takes place, you will always be able to enjoy the beautiful open spaces in the city.

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Enjoying the music

Surprisingly, Minsk is considered to be a unique centre of Ballet and Opera in Easter Europe. On a Minsk tour, try to visit the Grand National Opera and Ballet Theatre! Lovers of this music and theatre movement are familiar with the famous productions of this theatre, such as Dimitry Smolsky‘s „The Grey Legend“. The theatre is well known for preserving the tradition of the late 20th century and producing only high-quality plays. Of course, if you enjoy modern music – have no fear! Minsk hosts hundreds of concerts every year, just take a peek at posters for musical events in the city, and you will be sure to find something you enjoy.

Historic Memorials

Minsk truly did face its fair share of war and terror. Luckily, those days are over. But you still have a chance to explore the city‘s dark history – there are plenty of astonishing historical memorials all over the city. Some are just haunting – the „Island of Tears“ homes a statue of mourning women and crying angels. It‘s a monument to remember those lost in the 1979-89 war with Afganistan. But not all monuments in Minsk are dark and gloomy, for example – there is an underground memorial hall just beneath the Victory Circus. The all is drowning in soft amber light coming from above. It will melt your heart and will your body with pleasant melancholy.

Tours in Minsk. Visit Minsk. Baltic Tours.

There are so many places for you to visit in the ever-changing Minsk. Don‘t hesitate to visit this city and while on your Minsk tour, try and uncover all of the secrets the city holds!