Fascinating facts about the Moscow metro

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  July 28, 2016

The Moscow Metro is an essential part of the capital’s life. Since Moscow is so huge, that it has the right to be a separate country, the metro serves millions of people every day, and it‘s scary even to imagine the traffic that would occur if the Underground broke down. The metro is a historical monument of the city, and it is one of the first things to see in Moscow on your tour! Here are some lesser known facts about the fascinating Moscow Underground.
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Taking volunteer work to another level

Since the Moscow‘s Metro was built right after the German invasion, Russia was basically in shambles and the nation was completely broke. So all of the work for the Metro was done mainly by volunteers, who didn’t receive a penny for their job and were often starving. This volunteer work is one of the good examples of the Russian hard work and dedication for their home country.

One of the busiest metro lines in the world

Moscow homes over eleven million people, so it‘s not surprising that the metro serves over eight million people every day. Since the debut of the station, it has expanded quite a bit and covers the majority of the city. By 2020 Moscow government is planning to construct 62 additional metro stations which would extend the length of the line network to 462,4 km.

Majestic stations

The Moscow Metro is often referred to as one of the beautiful underground subways In the world. The metro has nearly two hundred stations, of which forty-four are listed as cultural heritage sites. Stations like Park Kultury and Oktonyny Ryad are a good example why some parts of Metro are listed as cultural heritage – they feature decorations that seem to be more likely to be found in a museum exhibition and not a metro station. Mosaics, arched ceilings, chandeliers and marble pillars decorate the historic stations. Sometimes one the best Moscow tours can be just taking the subway around the city!Moscow metro. Moscow city tour. Tour of Moscow. Baltic tours.

A hidden line

One of the best-known conspiracy theories in Russia is the one about Metro-2. It is rumoured that Joseph Stalin built another Metro line, which allegedly is the exact size as the original one. The Metro-2 is supposedly designed to be a secret get away from the city in case someone attacked the city, and Stalin needed to escape quickly. Nobody knows if the rumours are true, and, of course, there are no Moscow city tours covering the mythical station, but the Metro is still worth seeing and who knows – you might just crack the case of Metro – 2 existence!

Things to see in Moscow

If you‘re intrigued to visit the Moscow Metro and perhaps find the hidden line, or maybe always wanted to visit the capital city of Russia – Baltic Tours has prepared a bunch of great tours that will satisfy even the pickiest traveler‘s needs. Don‘t miss a chance to visit the Red Square, Moscow Kremlin, Moscow University, Bolshoi Theatre, Zurab Tsereteli’s Art Gallery and a many more excellent attractions.
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