Exploring the port town Klaipėda

Posted by Agnė Januškevičiūtė  |  August 04, 2016

Living near the seaside

History of Klaipeda started in the 13th century, and it has always been very colorful – city used to be a part of Prussia, Germany, France, Sweden and even the Soviets. But today it is one of the most beautiful cities you can see if you have a chance to travel in Lithuania. Not only it‘s a port city, but it‘s also famous for beautiful white sand beaches, parks, museums and historical monuments. One of the ways to tour Klaipeda is to find all sculptures it has – the mouse, guard dog, dragon, chimney sweep, post pigeons, black ghost, footprints and others hiding in the old town. Klaipeda is a modern city with marine spirit, and it is waiting to be explored!
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Sand dunes

Travelling in Lithuania is not finished if you haven’t been in the Curonian Spit – a long stretch of wind-blown sand dunes surrounded on the two sides by the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea. It’s a very unique and special place which amuses everyone who has a chance to visit it. Historians claim that it was formed 5000 years ago, but the legend says, that it was poured by a giant woman Neringa, who played on the beach a very long time ago. Today pine forests protect this beautiful place which is a very popular attraction in Klaipeda tourism.
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The Old Town of Klaipėda

Klaipeda-theatre-square_featuredSince Klaipeda is the oldest city in Lithuania it has a unique Old town which does not look like any other Old towns in Lithuania. The streets are geometrically correct, and the intersects are straight. A long time ago Old Town of Klaipeda only held the major office buildings, banks and stores. Today nothing much changed but tourists can also find many cafes, souvenir shops and architectural monuments. One of the most famous things to see in Klaipėda – Theatre Square with Tarawa Anike sculpture – young barefoot girl is an absolute must see.

Sea Festival

While visiting Lithuania and its seaside don‘t forget to take a chance to participate in one of the most important summer events – The Sea Festival. Music, arts, many different activities and the beautiful Baltic seaside – what could be better on hot summer days? All this and more you can find in the Sea festival in Klaipeda. The festival has been held annually in Klaipeda for more than 80 years and every year it attracts more and more visitors. During three days of celebration, you can „see“ mythological sea creatures, participate in fishermen competitions, rowing races and meet participants from all over the world!

Family time

If you are visiting Lithuania with your family, Klaipeda has great activities to offer. Not only kids but also their parents enjoy watching The Dolphins and Sea Lions show in the Smiltynė‘s Dolphinarium. What is more, the collections in Lithuanian Sea Museum give you a chance not only to see a history of Lithuania as a maritime country but also to meet a diversity of Ocean animal species. The museum is located at Curonian Spit, so it gives a chance to use special ferries that run between the Old Castle Port ferry and the museum. It is a must thing to do in Klaipeda!

Spectacular architecture, original activities and unique nature – Klaipeda has everything that you can need for your travel!