Discover Suzdal – the medieval Russian town.

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 11, 2016

In the heart of the Gold Ring of Russia, stands a fine town of Suzdal. In the 19th, Suzdal didn‘t have a railway station, and it seems that together with the trains, the 20th century too, bypassed the town. But now, it only means that Suzdal is a perfectly preserved authentic rustic town. When you discover Suzdal- the medevial Russian town, you will be blown away by the ancient art of Wooden Architecture, beautiful churches and meadows filled with wildflowers. The town is very proud of its preserved authentic Russian traditions. Visit the Kremlin of Suzdal or the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Rural life and get acquainted with the history of medieval Russia.

Authentic Wooden Architecture

For over a thousand years, until the 18th century, wood was the primary material for building everything from houses and barns to churches and palaces. So it’s not surprising, that wood is a distinctive part of Russia‘s traditional heritage. North of Russia homes probably the most interesting wooden churches in the whole country. The building of temples began with simple constructions and grew into very complex and astonishing architectural creations. Sadly, none of the early wooden churches has survived, but some remarkable buildings survived the harsh winters and unforgiving history. Lucky for us, the amazing locals of Suzdal appreciated the authenticity of the traditional wooden architecture and protected the remaining churches from rotting, burning down or being vandalised. Suzdal currently homes at least three or four exceptional historical wooden churches.

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Inspiring and pure nature

There are places in Russia, where you can take in all the beauty of the wild and untouched nature. Suzdal is surrounded by meadows full of wildflowers and beautiful huge forests. If you like wandering around in nature, make sure to go flower or mushroom picking when on your Suzdal tour. Local authorities made everything to preserve the striking beauty of the wild Russian nature. Even in the winter time, when the harsh weather comes along ant covers everything in a thick layer of snow, Suzdal looks breathtaking.

Festivals in Suzdal

Despite being quite small, Suzdal still is a town full of culture. Since 2002, with the support of Russian Ministry of Culture, the town hosts the Open Russian Festival of Animated Film. This event has been held annually since 1996 but moved to Suzdal after six years. The festival has contests where participants submit their films and vote for each other. Prizes are given out to the winners at the end of the event. A vast majority of Russian animated movies can bee is seen in the festival – it is worth visiting if your tour of Suzdal takes place at the right time. Also, annual Cucumber day festival is also held in Suzdal! Every second Saturday of July, locals celebrate the day with folk music and authentic traditional celebrations. It is a fun day and an unforgettable experience to participate in.

Tours of Suzdal

When you visit Suzdal, it seems that every little rock and every building is just radiating with history. This is a town where you can uncover the authentic Medieval History of Russia. Thousands of tourist flock from Moscow to Suzdal every day and believe me – you just have to do the same!