Curious facts about Ukraine

Posted by Laura Želvytė  |  August 04, 2016

We have a big surprise for you – Baltic Tours offers a new Ukraine tour! This is great for many reasons – you get to visit one of the greatest countries in the world, learn about its fascinating culture and history, travel around the country with a guide and get a lot of great experiences for such a small cost. Before you purchase your tour of Ukraine and start packing your bags for this once of a lifetime vacation, let‘s explore a few curious facts about Ukraine!

Ukraine is huge!

The biggest country located entirely in Europe is – you guessed it – Ukraine. It shares borders seven countries, including Poland, Russia and Belarus; Ukraine also borders the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. What is more, Ukraine homes over 45 million people! And in my opinion – the locals are one of the main reasons to visit Ukraine.

Ukraine homes „Tunnel of Love.“

Perhaps you remember a picture floating around the internet – an old railway surrounded entirely by beautiful green arches. Well, it‘s located in Ukraine and is very popular amongst couples to take walks in! The beautiful track attracts hundreds of romantics every year, without even being a tourist attraction! It‘s just so lovely and full of nature that people can‘t resist wandering around it.
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Food is everything!

Ukraine has a famous national cuisine and no wonder – the traditional food is tasty, heartwarming and just makes you feel at home. One of the popular dishes, which is the national soup of Ukraine, borsch is an absolute must – taste while you travel in Ukraine! There even is a saying: „if a Ukranian girl doesn‘t know how to make borsch – she can‘t get married“. There are a lot more things for you to try on your tour of Ukraine: Varenyky, Paska, Banosh with Brynza and much more. So don‘t worry, you won‘t get hungry on your trip!

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Ukrainians just love burgers!

That‘s right! People in Ukraine just love fast food and especially burgers. The third most popular McDonald‘s in the world is located in Kiev. It serves millions of customers every year but, surprisingly, it was ranked as one of the top five worst McDonald‘s in the world.

Not a lot of smiles in Ukraine

Even though you will rarely see Ukrainians smiling in public, I can promise you – they are one of the warmest and friendliest people in Europe. This is a nation that will greet you with open arms and open hearts, will make sure that you‘re happy, warm, rested and with a stomach full of food. So it seems odd, that locals in Ukraine practically never smile in public. Keep this in mind and don‘t start feeling down from the lack of local smiley faces on your tour of Ukraine.

„Vyshyvanka“ – the unique Ukrainian national costume

This costume is quite simple yet beautiful. It is a white linen shirt, decorated with hand-sewn floral ornaments and is worn by both men and women. Another part of the traditional attire is a „vinok“ and is made and worn by women. It‘s a handmade diadem made from flowers with long colourful ribbons on the back. These traditional costumes are worn on national fairs and special occasions. A lot of souvenir shops sells these beautiful pieces of clothing, so when you travel to Ukraine don‘t miss a chance to buy these beautiful traditional clothes and bring them home, to show off to your friends and family.

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Ukraine is such a beautiful and exciting country to visit – the old history, their fight for independence, rural traditions and friendly people makes up a dream destination for a vacation. If you want to travel somewhere interesting, grab one of our unique packages – Tour of Ukraine – and prepare for a trip that you won‘t forget.