Busting the Myths: Russian airlines Aeroflot

Posted by Gabriele Gudaityte  |  June 29, 2016

Did you know that one of the world’s oldest airlines was and still is the Russian Aeroflot? The company has started flying passenger airplanes in 1923, just 13 years after the first air flights using… Zeppelins?!

Even though the Soviet Union collapsed a long time ago, Aeroflot, as one of the most representative companies back then, is still surrounded by cultural and ordinary rumors from the past. The representatives of cheap flight booking and selling platform Skrendu.lt and travel agency Baltictours.com, Akvile Pranckeviciute and Gabriele Gudaityte went to Moscow to find out how things really are.

By the way, if you did not have a chance to experience the realities of the Soviet period, thanks to the given rumors below, you will be able to picture the legendary service back then.

First Myth: Angry flight attendants

Are all of them from the model agency?

Fact: this illusion was a result of fabled Soviet service when the vendors were worshiped and if they did not like your face expression, then even after standing a few hours in the queue you would be sworn upon and sent home… without anything. It is hard to imagine it happening today, right? However, some people still enter Aeroflot’s airplanes expecting similar service standards.

Aeroflot stiuardesės pigus skristi su Skrendu.lt
Aeroflot cabin crew – Marina, Jekaterina and Lyubov. Photo taken by Gabriele Gudaityte

According to A. Pranckeviciute and G. Gudaityte, the flight attendants look like models who have just stepped down from the podium – flawless appearance, particularly gallant and glowing with precision.

“Our outward flight was in a business class, return – economy, so we can confidently say that the service during both flights was excellent,” said the women.

Second Myth: Russian airplanes – insanely old

You have to be kidding?

Even though it would be an interesting experience flying in an aircraft made in 1923, you will not be able to undergo it here. In 2014, the average age of an aircraft was four years. Most of them are new aircrafts that look like straight from the factory: shinny, innovative, eminently graceful, meeting the highest standards of ecology and sound pollution.

“While flying we have read the company’s newest magazine that was original, modern and full of interesting content, so you can be sure that the trip won’t take long,” said the representatives of ticket booking platform.

Third Myth: Everyone speaks Russian only

“Would you like a glass of water?”

Aeroflot orlaivis Skrendu.ltThe citizens of the biggest countries think that everyone speaks their language, and they do not have to worry about muttering in a foreign language. Nevertheless, the new generation of flight attendants who travel all around the world do not face such barriers. “Even though we understand more than can say in Russian, we have tried to keep all conversations in Russian while on-board. However, we have been pleasantly surprised, since flight attendants Marina, Jekaterina, Lyubov and Julia showed perfect knowledge of English and would humbly bend before starting a conversation. We have realised that the cabin crew were very humble people, allowing you to relax completely during the trip, even if you speak Lithuanian only,” said the representatives of Skrendu.lt.

Fourth Myth: They do not provide any food

Just click the button

This query seems to be particularly important to Lithuanian travellers. However, the presence or the absence of food while on board, or to be precise the disparity of receiving meals at some but not other flights, is very recent occurrence, since the budget airlines give a packet of nuts at most and transatlantic or more expensive airlines seem to be worth flying just because of the food.

Pranckeviciute said that when flying from Vilnius to Moscow, the passengers were treated with complimentary coffee, tea and snacks – sandwiches and pastries. The ones who wanted a warm meal for a bit extra, just had to push the button to call a flight attendant and enjoy the gastronomy in the air: aromatic stews, all kinds of pasta and mouth-watering pancakes that will delight everyone.

Fifth Myth: They only take old USSR destinations

DSC_8736To New York or LA?

Today Aeroflot flies to 50 countries worldwide and the flight from Vilnius to Moscow is one of the most convenient routes to reach out destinations in Asia. These airlines give an opportunity to low-cost travel to the United States, Caribbean region, e.g. Cuba. For instance, you can get return flights to Cuba for 700 euros.

“This airline is also quite flexible when changing the flight tickets or its date, in some cases, it is even possible to return it. I think that Aeroflot is quite far away from the USSR labels. It is proven by airline’s membership at one of the world’s largest airline alliance  SkyTeam,” told G. Gudaityte.