Best time to visit Scandinavia

Posted by Rugile  |  February 19, 2020

The best time to travel is when you get that feeling. If you are ready for adventures and new experiences, it means that you have to pack your backpack, search for a flight and just go for it! Of course, the time of the year may depend on the activities or type of tours that you would want to do in the country. Probably most of the people think that in order to visit Scandinavia you have to plan your trip in a summertime otherwise you might think what to do when it is so freezing outside??? You will be surprised that Scandinavia can be a great destination to travel around in the different seasons of the year.


Autumn season in Scandinavia is great! Frankly speaking, I would like to stop with this sentence right here, but probably you will need few more persuasive reasons to be presented… So here you are!  Winter season does not start right after August, you still have September which can be really warm and peacefully romantic, since the buzz of tourists is gone. Also, the whole forest landscapes of Scandinavia turns red, brown and orange, so you can admire this color palette while cycling and hiking in the mountains because it’s a perfect season for outdoor activities. Even so, before you head for a weeklong trip in nature, follow the forecast carefully. Weather tends to change dramatically in the autumn season and rain and wind can be harsh, so you don’t want to spend all your time in the cabin or hotel, do you? Anyway, if you are lucky with the weather, you will probably be lucky with the forest goods too. Take an advantage of the nature’s presents and pick some mushrooms, apples or even fish up some crabs on the way back. And when the second half of October starts, find the biggest pumpkin in the market and prepare for an adventurous time of Halloween. Believe me, it is a big holiday celebration in the Nordic countries, so big parades, costume parties, and plenty other daytime activities are of your choice.


In general, Scandinavia is the land of winter, so there are plenty of enjoyable things to do during the cold season. It is the most sought after time of the year for those who love winter outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding. Ski resorts are full of tourists from the end of November until the beginning of March, so it is better to book your room in advance. It is quite different if you visit non-tourist places, though. Sitting on the coast of the fjord in Norway can be so quiet and peaceful that you will feel like you’re the only human being on this planet. In this case, it is up to your personal choice what kind of holidays you would like to have. Both options are available in Scandinavia. 

However, while visiting Nordic countries in winter, you gonna feel like living inside the movie “Frozen”: all those icy ornaments on the trees and white-blue landscapes will blow you away, for sure. The Northern lights, visible in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, is an additional attraction and solace to survive long dark nights. Also, Scandinavians are the masters of coziness: long evenings can be spend snuggling by the fireplace, drinking hot beverages and playing board games. Danish people have even created a word for that – hygge. In general, it means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying your life with your dear people. You can experience hygge sitting in the cute coffee shop in the center of Copenhagen, wandering around in the Christmas market in Oslo or spending time with your friends in a Finnish sauna. By the way, there is an interesting fact about saunas to mention – believe it or not, people say that there are more saunas than cars in Finland! 


Springtime in the most of the Nordic countries is between April and May. I know, you are probably wondering, where the month of March has gone? Well, as I mentioned before, Scandinavia is the land of winter, so, as a consequence, it lasts longer than elsewhere. But locals find many ways to enjoy the comeback of the sun and warmer weather. Firstly, hikers are delighted because spring is the time when the snow melts down, trees start blooming and most of the trekking tracks open up so you don’t have to worry about closed entries and missed opportunities. Together with the rising temperature, more and more people go out, smile more often, so the spirit lightens up and the general atmosphere changes immediately. Parks and other social spaces become more active, so it is a really great idea to have a barbecue and just hang out outside with your friends. As nature wakes up after a long period of stillness, the range of food widens a lot. Fine dining in Scandinavia is recognized as one of the best in the world and it would be a great loss not to experience remarkable tastes of North, especially in the springtime. 


The warm season is very appreciated by Scandinavians and they try to get the most of it. Once again, people go crazy about spending time outside, doing sports and other physical activities like hiking, bicycling, jogging, etc. Despite the fact that summer season is the peak of tourism, it is still worth visiting the most attractive natural places simply because it is so beautiful! Enjoy life in the mountains near the freshwater lakes. Go kayaking, try camping in the forest and sleeping in the tents. Probably, you aren’t think of beaches when you’re planning your vacation in Scandinavia. When the sun is shining, water temperature becomes much warmer than you would expect and in the summertime, this is one of the absolute favorite places to picnic among locals as well as travelers. If you decide to spend some time in the city, check out music or other kinds of festivals, which are very popular and attracts visitors from all over the world. Whatever you do, always find time to stop and have a scoop (or two!) of ice cream. There are many great ice cream shops around the biggest cities which serve a great variety of flavors (give a chance and try out the unusual champagne, licorice or lingonberry flavors!).

Even if summertime stays as the most popular time to visit Scandinavia, exploring it in other seasons can bring new colors to your trip and show the different side of the country you are visiting! Hope this was useful for you and your holidays in Scandinavia gonna be a great life experience!