Best places to visit in Scandinavia

Posted by Rugile  |  February 18, 2020

Even if you are not a fan of sour and salty (yes, I am talking about Scandinavian candies!) and cannot outlast snappish cold for a longer period of time, it is worth getting over yourself and planning your trip to Scandinavia. It includes Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, sometimes Finland, Iceland, Faroe and Aland Islands located in the neighborhood are attributed to this region too. Even if you already have heard about its scenic landscapes, fresh mountain air, and fairytale-like cities, you will fully experience the real beauty and will get the feeling of the wanderer’s spirit only by visiting Scandinavia by yourself.

Due to the great number of flights from the main airports of Lithuania, this region in Northern Europe is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Baltics today. So let’s take a look into the most visited places of Scandinavia, whereas, you can start making your list for the future trip to the land of Vikings and … ice!

Lapland (Finland)

With no doubts, wintery Lapland is going to bring the smile to your face and get you back to the childhood. Very first steps you take inside this winter wonderland will amaze you with pure joy: the sound of cracking snow under your feet, your frozen eyelashes and a fantastic view of glacial art made up by nature, seen wherever you go. Despite the fact that famous Santa Claus is living here, children, as well as adults, will find a lot of activities to keep themselves busy, while visiting Lapland. Witness Aurora Borealis or better known as Northern lights, which appear in Lapland for more than 200 nights per year. Try out versatile ski resorts and snow parks outside the cities, take a husky or reindeer ride instead of traveling by car and at the end of your trip don’t forget to visit Santa Claus himself in his Rovaniemi office and tell him your wish to come back to Lapland very next year!

Stockholm (Sweden)

The capital of Sweden is well known around the whole world because of its warm atmosphere and a big chance to fall in love with the city from the first sight. People who come to Stockholm for the first time immediately feel like home and this eases traveler’s burden a lot! Every city is more enjoyable in the summertime, but Stockholm is perfect for winter season too. To begin with, you can just wander around the medieval old city, waterfront promenades and harbors and get the premier impression of Stockholm’s cityscape. Then, probably, you’ll need a warm place to drink hot tea or coffee and get back to your normal blood flow. It won’t take a lot of time to look for such a place – there are plenty of fancy coffee shops and cute pastry bakeries located in the city center.  And then you can do whatever you want, because Stockholm has countless things to do: explore Vasa museum, take a hop off and hop on boat tour around 14 islands, remember the legendary music group ABBA and deepen your playlist while being in ABBA museum, see the Royal Palace – the residence of the King of Sweden and many more. P.S. Be sure your phone is fully charged before you head for a walk in Stockholm – trust me, you’ll make a bunch of Instagram story worth pictures!

Flam (Norway)

Flam, undoubtedly, is a place not to be missed while in Norway. You may have heard of the famous Flam railroad line with its stunning views of the Norwegian fjords. These fjords and the entire train ride is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list and it’s also called Site Nærøyfjord. So, probably, now you understand me better and from now on my recommendations to visit Flam will be more convincing!  To travel around Flam area you can also choose local boat trip or take the advantage of mountain road, which will be something similar to riding on the roller coasters. However, many other adventures can be experienced here too: you can visit tiny villages built around the fjord, go hiking or kayaking, see riotous fall of water by visiting the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway. On the way to Flam, you can use the opportunity to take a ride through the longest tunnel in Europe. If you want to get to know the exclusive Norwegian culture, your favourite place will be the recently opened Viking Valley in Gudvangen. In the authentic Viking Village, you will meet real Vikings and you will be able to learn more about their history and lifestyle today and a thousand years ago.

Copenhagen (Denmark)

I guess not without a reason it was meant for Hans Christian Andersen to come and live in a such a magical city! Everyone who visits Copenhagen can be inspired to create his own tale or turn a living memory from a trip into a story! This place is perfect for a weekend getaway. You will have a chance to see a great variety of the city: from the most famous sights like Nyhavn Harbour to the lesser-known sights like Bakken – the oldest amusement park in the world. Be smart and be like a local, rent a bike and you’ll be able to visit everything since a bike is the most common and fastest transport in the city (and probably in Denmark). If you look up, see dark clouds and rain coming, don’t get upset, locals will recommend you the best place to buy a stylish poncho which will protect you from getting cold and wet, and will keep your body warm, while it will serve as a great souvenir from this rainy country later!

Golden circle (Iceland)

It is impossible to miss Golden circle when you are visiting Iceland! This natural route covers about 300 km and competes with other popular destinations in Iceland like Reykjavik city and Blue Lagoon. You will admire the nature and stunning sights, incredible geysers and rocky mountains. If you rent a car and drive by yourself, which is totally possible and recommended for those who enjoy long rides and independent traveling, you will discover that actually, Golden Circle is not a circle… why then is it called like this? Because of the golden waterfalls and tourists driving in a loop. It is common to call it the Golden Triangle too because it includes three main attractions: national park Thingvellir, geothermal area Geysir and Gullfoss waterfall. However, you can also ease up and join the Golden Circle Iceland tour, either in a bigger or smaller group starting in Reykjavik. Stop in the cities you pass by to spend a night or rest for an hour and try some traditional Icelandic food like lobster soup, very famous among locals pylsur – hot dogs or smoked puffin. For warmer weather and long days, go to Iceland in a period of June – August, but it is also worth traveling in September – February to see an amazing view of Northern Lights. Anyway, whenever you go, pack warm clothes and comfortable shoes for walking, because you’ll definitely need it! 

Once you are in Scandinavia, doesn’t matter if it’s your first or 10th time, you will always find new places to discover and will leave with a deep longing to come back. I hope that given advice and the list of main places to visit in Scandinavia will help you to plan your best holidays and bring back unforgettable memories from the countries meant to fall in love!