Best Places to Visit in Denmark

Posted by Kornelija Kadyte  |  April 25, 2019

Anyone that has decided to travel all around Denmark, has made a really good decision! Interesting history, welcoming and happy people, modern art and design, good restaurants and stylish lifestyle – these are the things you can expect in the country. So, it is time to start making a list of places to visit in Denmark, prepare some warmer clothes if you`re not traveling in summer and go explore this amazing Scandinavian country.

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Here are TOP 20 places to visit in Denmark:

1. Copenhagen

The capital of the country and the most popular place to visit in Denmark. If you are short in time, it wouldn’t be a crime to go to Denmark and only visit Copenhagen. The city is interesting and vibrant all year round: despite the biggest events during the summer, capital of Denmark has a lot to offer in a low-season as well, such as Code Art Fair, which you can visit in September (only international art fair in Scandinavia) or Copenhagen Fashion Week in February. Even though it is really hard to choose the best places to visit in Copenhagen, let’s settle on the top 10 places, that are really worth seeing:

  • Tivoli gardens. There are always plenty of good places to go when the weather is inviting, but Tivoli gardens welcome visitors on bigger holidays as well, like Halloween in November or especially in December, when these spectacular gardens turn into a real winter wonderland.
    The little mermaid. This statue which was made by Edvard Eriksen and was inspired by H.C. Andersen’s fairy tale has become the symbol of Copenhagen and most popular touristic sight in the city.
  • Christiansborg Palace. This palace contains the Danish parliament, the Supreme court and the Ministry of State. Some parts of the palace are still being used by the Royal family! Truly iconic place to see, which is very beautiful both from the outside and inside.
  • Nyhavn. The new harbor of Copenhagen is one of the most interesting places to visit in Copenhagen. The colorful buildings line the canal and create an amazing view for a walk.


  • Stroget. It is one of the longest pedestrians in Europe and a fine shopping area in the capital. Stroget is popular among the tourists and not unreasonably: pedestrian is full of shops, nice cafes, street entertainments and is near to other important sights of the city.
  • Amalienborg palace. Must-to-see for a fan of historical places. It is a complex of four identical palaces and home for the Danish royal family. Visitors can admire the palace from the outside or visit the museum and experience the history of royal life.
  • The national museum. Museum by itself claims that it is must-see for every visitor of Copenhagen. The ticket comes together with the guided tour where visitors can not only see many of famous collections but also hear how Danes actually live today.
  • SMK museum. This museum is the largest art museum in Denmark and is located in the center of Copenhagen. Museum invites everyone to enjoy exhibitions, performances, concerts, art talks, films, creative workshops, and tours of the Collections.
  • Freetown Christiania. The alternative area with their own “do`s and don`ts” where the creativity and free spirit take over. It is hard to put it into words, you have to experience the vibe of the neighborhood by yourself!
  • Rosenborg castle. The fascinating palace and a perfect way to end the list of 10 best places in Copenhagen. Here you can learn more about the country, experience 400 years of royal history and see the finest treasures of Denmark.


2. Hovedstaden

The capital region of Denmark. If you have a little more time, searching for places to visit in Denmark in 3 days or already been to Copenhagen, but still looking for something not too far, it is a good idea to visit some best places near Copenhagen. Here are the top 5 places:

  • Kronborg castle
  • Lousiana Museum of Modern Art


  • Royal deer park
  • Frederiksborg castle


  • Maritime Museum

3. Arhus

Even if Copenhagen is the most popular place to visit in Denmark and is full of activities and attractions, there are a lot of places other than Copenhagen which you can go to. One of them and one of the top 3 places to visit in the whole country is Aarhus! Aarhus is a really old city that is full of history. This city offers cute houses, small shops and many other interesting things to look at. Aarhus cobblestone streets with its quaint little houses are really cozy and nice during all seasons of the year. The best places to visit in Aarhus are an art museum, Latin Quarter, Old Town open air museum. It is a good idea to visit Aarhus in August when the city holds a festival of Danish arts. The coziness and cuteness of the city is a real gift for our eyes and our hearts!


4. Odense

It is the third largest city in the country, a modern fairytale. Don’t miss the unique atmosphere of the connection of the Old Town and modern walking street. Odense is famous for being the birthplace of one of the most popular Danish writers – Hans Christian Andersen. Walking down the Old Town you can find the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, the Hans Christian Andersen birthplace and other traces and footprints of the great artist. Visit Odense in summer when the city holds H.C. Andersen parades, plays and festivals. Not too far from Odense, there is Mols Bjerge National Park – one of the best places, most scenic places and free places in all country! Landscapes are breathtaking, with many different types of animals and plants species. It is also a very good spot for hiking because there is a good network of cycle and walking routes throughout the park.


5. Møns Klint

Møns Klint is a 6 km stretch of chalk cliffs along the eastern coast of the Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea. It is very beautiful and really worth seeing. This place would always easily go to the top 10 best places to visit in Denmark lists.


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6. Viborg

The only hour drive from Aarhus, one of the oldest cities in Denmark. Places of interest to visit in Viborg include the Borgvold park, Mogens Gade street, and Viborg Cathedral.


7. Aalborg

Port town and a great place to visit in northern Denmark, one of the oldest cities in Denmark. The city has monastery, cathedral, and castle which still remains since the medieval ages. There are unusual places to visit, like Lindholm hills – major Viking burial site. Other tourist places include Aalborg Zoo, Kunsten – an architectural gem and the Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg and Musikkens Hus – one of the most ambitious and impressive projects in the history of Aalborg.


8. Brande

This place is very interesting and unique – like an open-air museum! This city is full of historical museums, galleries, spectacular mural paintings, which decorate the streets, unique sculptures. Brande is one of the best places to visit in Denmark in June when the city hosts international Street Art festival.

9. Billund

The city and especially Legoland in it are very popular places in Denmark. Besides Legoland, other top 3 places to visit are Lalandia Billund, LEGO House, and Sculpture Park Billund. If you are looking for places to visit near Legoland in Denmark, Fredericia is a good idea. It is situated in the center of the country, 50 min ride from Legoland, and offers some cool things to do, for example, Shopping Bazar, which you can visit in May.


10. Fyn

Fyn (also known as Funen) is Denmark’s second largest island, situated between the island of Zealand and mainland Denmark. It is called Denmark`s garden island. If you were thinking about what are the best places to visit in Denmark, that would not be Copenhagen, the Fyn island might be an answer. The island is not too big but has a lot of cool attractions in ti. Beside Odense, which is the main city of Fyn (Funen) island, discover the South Fyn Archipelago – a unique area of 55 small islands. In the south of Fyn (Funen) there is a town of Faaborg located. The charming old and colorful houses, the small streets together with the harbor and the iconic yellow Bell Tower make Faaborg one of the most beautiful places to visit in Denmark. The nearby small but beautiful islands of Lyø, Avernakø, and Bjørnø can all be reached by ferry from Faaborg. Another place to visit in Funen is Egeskov Castle, a 462-year-old castle, which is famous for being the best preserved of its kind (built for defense) in all of Europe. The castle is located in a beautiful park in the south of Funen, about 30 km from Odense. Also, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Denmark is Aeroe island, which is very near Fyn/ Funen and is easily accessible by ferry. Aereo looks like a fairy tale and is known for iconic beach huts. The village and small colorful beach huts are incredibly photogenic and probably one of the most “instagramic” and cool places to visit.


11. Herning

It is one of the great places to go hiking in Denmark because the area in and around Herning offers a wonderful nature. Among the best places to visit in Herning is HEART museum, which keeps Danish and international conceptual and experimental art from the 1930s till today.

12. Helsingor

Churches in Helsingor has never suffered major fires, so most of the town center consists of 16–19th-century houses. There are two major churches in the town, which are important places to visit when traveling in Helsingor. Sankt Olai Cathedral is the town’s oldest building. The oldest part of the cathedral dates 13th century and this cathedral is remarkable for its interior decorative art. Next to the cathedral lies Sct. Mariae Church and Vor Frue Monastery, a Carmelite monastery that is one of the best-preserved monasteries in the whole of the Nordic region.


13. Kolding

The town offers a lot of fun for everyone. Places to visit in Kolding are Koldinghus – Jutland’s last royal castle, Trapholt art, and design museum, where visitors can admire the amazing Danish design. By the way, Legoland is only about half an hour away! So, if you are looking for places to visit near Legoland – Kolding is a great option. Kolding is also one of the best outdoor places to visit in Denmark because the beautiful natural environment around Kolding is perfect for outdoor activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, and fishing.


14. Ribe

Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark. No matter if you are from far away or somewhere near, you most definitely going to be fascinated by the city`s charming atmosphere and 1300-year-old history. A lot of year-round activities make Ribe a vibrant city, which delights people of different ages. Denmark’s oldest city is full of history and art, with plenty of shops and restaurants adding to an exceptional ambiance.

15. Lolland

The fourth biggest island of Denmark, which literally translates to “low land”. The whole island is so amazing that it is hard to choose only one place to visit in it. Places to visit in Lolland are Maribo, Søndersø Lake, Safari Park, Crocodile Zoo, small Lilleo island, which is nice to visit in May when they are holding an Apple Flower Festival.


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16. Vejle

Another unbelievably cute town in the southeast of the Jutland Peninsula. Best places to visit in Vejle are Jelling Mounds, Runic Stones and Church for Nordic history and Vikings experience and The Ecolarium, which is a knowledge center and Experimentarium. Through exhibitions, teaching and events visitors there can learn about nature, environment, energy, climate, food, health, innovation and much more.


17. Esbjerg

This is one of the best places to visit in south Denmark. Esbjerg is full of exciting museums and art, lots of shops, events, and festivals, top sports facilities. And to top everything up, it is surrounded by the unique and beautiful nature of the Wadden Sea National Park.


18. Wadden sea national park.

If you are looking for unique places to visit in Denmark, you should head to Wadden sea national park. The park by itself is a perfect place for hiking, but the most phenomenal thing there is “black sun” in autumn. The black sun phenomenon occurs when thousands of Starlings migrate through the region, pausing to recuperate in the rich marshlands and heavily fielded area. The experience is breathtaking. It is a good place to visit in Denmark in October when the main migration is happening. Wadden sea is made of many small islands. One of them is Rømø, which is one of the finest islands in Denmark. In winter only 650 people live on the island, but in the warm season, many people stay on the island. That’s why Rømø has a lot to offer for tourists, such as a labyrinth park, horse riding on the beach, sea safaris, German bunkers, fishing or a nice beach promenade.


19. Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn – despite former fisherman’s cottages, museums, churches, and vibrant city life, Frederikshavn has very unique places to visit. For example, the famous palm beach, where you can feel like in tropical country: palm trees, white sand beaches, and sea-breeze. Many imported Italian palms are out at the beach from mid-May to end of September. Among other good places in this area is Råbjerg Mile, which is a migrating coastal dune between Skagen and Frederikshavn, Denmark. It is the largest moving dune in Northern Europe.

20. Skagen

Skagen: everybody knows that Skagen is the name of Danish brand of watches, but not everybody knows that it is originally the name of the most northern part of Denmark and is among the best places to visit in Denmark. Places of interest in Skagen are Grenen – a place where two seas meet (visit Grenen in November when people gather together to form a sign of 365 in celebration of the days of the year), the lighthouse, Den Tilsandede Kirke – sand-buried church, scenic Rabjerg Mile – migrating dune. Not too far from the city of Skagen, but still in the area, there is a Jammerbugten (Moaning Bay) with the impressive highpoints of Bulbjerg and Ruberg Knot. The experience will be unforgettable and the pictures will drive your friends crazy of jealousy! By the way, despite November, Skagen gets really popular in July, when Denmark’s oldest festival is held and in August, when the Skagen Food and Design Market is open. The north of Denmark has a lot to offer, so if you are wondering what are the best places to visit in Denmark, don`t think twice and add it to your list.


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