Away on Mother’s Day!

Posted by Gabriele Gudaityte  |  April 25, 2016

There is no doubt everybody loves to travel. It’s just that sometimes we are searching for a special occasion to start thinking of holiday plans, or simply buying tickets somewhere, you’ve always wanted to go to. Well, thankfully celebrations become occasions and we get a perfect chance to escape, or… to take a special someone on a trip! Let’s make this clear – the special one we talking about is Mom! So let’s find out about the best tour destinations and spots to take your mother to! Did you know that in Eastern-Northern Europe Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 1st Sunday of May while in oposite side of the globe, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May or on a specific dates during the month of May.

Baltic Highlights

8 days, 3 countries, 39 highlights! Well, these numbers tell a lot… Intriguing Baltic Highlights tour is a perfect choice for ones, who want to surprise their lovely mothers! Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – three compelling sisters of the Baltic States, surrounded by astounding nature, full of interesting activities and unique gastronomy secrets! Taking your mom on a Baltic Highlights tour is more than an opportunity to express your love and gratitude. Is she interested in arts? What about history? Crazy about active sports? Can’t get through without a day shopping? Well well well, it seems we just found a perfect tour destination!

Reasons you definitely have to book this tour:

• 3 amazing countries (you probably haven’t been yet to) in 8 days!
• Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – one of the cheapest Europe’s countries to travel to!
• Lithuanian language is kept as one of the oldest in the whole world.

Spots you can’t miss during Baltic Highlights tour:

• Vilnius Cathedral
• Gediminas Tower
• St. Anne’s Church
• Trakai
• Gauja National Park
• Dome Cathedral
• Riga Castle
• Three Brothers sculpture
• Toompea Castle
• Old Town Hall
• Kadriorg Park

Fabulous Scandinavia

10 days, 3 countries and loads of unforgettable memories! If your lovely Mom is a nature’s lover, majestic fjords beauty will blow get mind away! Norway, Sweden, Denmark is about to make the best tour ever, so prepare for an amazing journey! Inspiring architecture, eye-catching nature and warm locals will steal your Mom’s heart (it’s guaranteed)! Exceptional Norwegian cuisine, Swedish culture and Danish design – perfect combination for your holidays with Mom. Once you visit Scandinavia, you can’t stop thinking about it… Because it’s all about getting acquainted with a special part of the world, meeting new people, sightseeing and absorbing adventurous spirits… Shall we count you in?

Reasons you definitely have to book this tour:

• Have to hear Viking legend stories straight from locals!
• Have to try legendary Swedish delicates, fermented herring called Surströmming
• Must see compelling fjords!
• Can’t miss to experience tempting Nyhavn spirit!

Spots you can’t miss during Fabulous Scandinavia tour:

• Little Mermaid
• Royal Castle
• Nyhavn
• Oslo City Hall
• Royal Palace
• Bergen
• Stockholm Cathedral

Polish and Baltic Jewels

13 days, 4 countries, 64 mind-blowing highlights so see and experience! Please get acquainted with the third one and one of the best – Polish and Baltic Jewels tour! Moms, hold tight, it’s about to be amazing! Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – real treasure trove. Stunning panoramas, striking nature, hospitable and warm people! There is no doubt you will get inspired by Baltics and Poland culture. Thought-provoking journey is getting ready to fall in love with exploring. Taking your Mom on a tour like this – best present ever! Gastronomy, traditions and loads of interesting activities will gather into a whole thing called experience. Prepare your luggage, it’s about to be heavily full of best memories! Moms’ are you ready?

Spots you can’t miss during Polish and Baltic Jewels tour:

• Jasna Gora Monastery
• Black Madonna
• Gauja National Park
• Dome Cathedral
• Ethnographical Open Air Museum
• Wawel Cathedral
• Baroque Town Hall in Kaunas

Grab your mom and hit the road for unique tours around Poland, Baltics and Scandinavia!