A Sneak Peek of 2019 Season

Posted by Tomas Papinigis  |  August 07, 2018

The hot summer of 2018 is slowly coming to its finale and so is the summer tourist season in the Baltics. As our last travelers of this summer will be arriving in about a month, this is a perfect time to start planning the next year journeys! We’re more than excited to give you a brief peek at our exciting plans for the next season!

A Brand New Tour in Poland


Poland has many fabulous cities to explore, however until now our featured tours offered just a glimpse of what this amazing country has in its menu. The story changes from this moment, as we’re more than happy to announce a brand new tour that has all you need to see in the vast Polish lands – The Best of Poland in 8 days. In addition, to the marvelous historic surroundings of Krakow, the former royal capital of the country, and to the devastating history and staggering beauty of Warsaw, you will get a chance to explore the golden coastline of Gdansk, the idyllic landscapes of Masurian Lakeland and much more! If you were looking for how to get the full picture of Poland – this is a perfect tour for you!

New Way to Explore Ukraine and Poland


Our second new tour for 2019 season is more than an exciting one – The Best of Ukraine and Poland in 11 days will give you a perfect feeling of the life in the Eastern and Central Europe. This tour combines two of Ukraine’s most fascinating cities, Kiev and Lviv, with the most exciting highlights in Poland – a recipe for a perfect European Tour! The Best of Ukraine and Poland in 11 days has everything you’d hope for – tons of spectacular highlights, delicious miracles of Polish and Ukrainian national cuisines and lots of amazing stories to hear. If you’re searching for a true Eastern European experience – this tour is a no-brainer!

An Emerging Underdog


A year ago, if you had asked us what would be the destination with the most rapid-growing popularity we wouldn’t have guessed it. It’s Mongolia! The Grand Mongolian Expedition tour has been quietly emerging as one of the most popular choices of adventurous travelers. Here’s what they say about the tour: “Beautiful countryside, pleasant people, great ger camps, interesting food, amazing animals and awesome drivers navigating the Gobi”. If you’re looking to visit a country that is completely different from anything that you’ve ever seen – take on the Grand Mongolian Expedition tour in 2019 and explore the mysterious steppes and deserts of Mongolia.

More Convenient Dates to Experience Baltic Lifestyle


The Baltic Lifestyle and Gastronomy tour has taken the hearts of our travelers in no time – that’s why in 2019 there will be more dates to ensure your comfortable travel experience. This tour is an exceptional one, as it provides a rare chance to experience the true taste of the Baltic cuisine and to discover scenic landscapes of the idyllic Baltic countryside. If you’re ready to literally take a bite of an exceptional Baltic experience, this is the tour that suits your needs just perfect!

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